Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lol Coxhill-Fleas in custard ,1975(caroline c1515 lp)Flac and....

This is one of the records Coxhill recorded for the Virgin subsidiary Carloline label in the mid 70's .
Back in its day virgin was quite an exploratory independent label ..the rough trade of it's day... one would have a hard time releasing a patchwork oddity like this now ,it simply doesn't fit into any specific category... most improv labels and fans would no doubt baulk at the cheesy effects deployed throughout.
Coxhill's a master (still) at employing kitch and cheese imaginatively and subversively..playing around with cliche ,and disappointing serious minded listener's expectations is all part of the game.

its certainly one of his most eccentric records.. side one consists of a duet with little known guitarist G.F fitzgerald.
side 2 is a collage of excerpted assortments of what sounds like lol answering questions of passers by on the street while busking..bits of between set banter at gigs ..jokes and overdubbed solo saxophone pieces ..the solo tracks utilise ring modulation and other synthesised effects.
Coxhill discusses having worked in a glue factory in the early 60's "throwing horses hooves in a bone crushing machine"

flac and 320 lame ... ENJOY!


sotise said...


320 KBS-65 MEG

Wallofsound said...

This is the first Coxhill album I owned. I agree entirely about Virgin, during this period I would give anything they produced a listen, and they released some of the best reggae, afrorock and jazz-tinged and experimental rock going.

Again, many thanks for sharing the slew of Coxhill releases.

kinabalu said...

Yes, I do have this one and I agree with the assessment of Virgin and Caroline at the time - a true independent-minded label (as long as it lasted). Are you planning to post the "Welfare State"? It would make a nice companion. If not, I can always put it up at the other place.

A request if I may - the Fred Frith guitar solos?

King Kennytone said...

dear sir .. I am a jazz enthusiast & nothing else. your blog is full of naughty mischief

sotise said...

kinabalu ... i do have old vinyl of guitar solo's.. the problem is that some of it is underecorded ..very quiet.. i doesnt sound nearly as good as the reissue(which i dont have)..the cd adds the frith tracks from Guitar solo's 2 and 3...
the cd was posted here sometime back links still alive

if you want a vinyl rip warts and all ..contact me(ive lost your e.address)

Anonymous said...

Just've checked in and have to say - man, you are the greatest! I'm going to download EVERYTHING! Thanks, thank, thanks!!!

sotise said...

nice to see you Barin , thanks for all your great shares at freefall!

sotise said...

Kinabalu... i forgot to mention , no i wont be posting welfare state, i only have the 160kbs rip posted on mutant sounds.. do contact me about the frith..if you want the vinyl rip..

kinabalu said...

M, I grabbed the cd version, thanks for the tip, no need to do the vinyl. I sent you an email just to reestablish bilateral relations, and I'll do the welfare state from my own copy which I think is quite fine. I haven't listened to it in a while, though.

Mona said...

Glad to see that (I think) you grabbed the Talisker album. They were such a good band live and after I originally posted 'Land of Stone' Ken Hyder got in touch and I do believe that their albums are to be released on CD sometime soonish. I used to have some great radio sessions that they had done for Radio London but as with most things, long gone...Do any of you guys have the VOICE lp (I have vinyl copy but not in the best nick) Anyway will obviously keep checking back but one last thing, was unaware of the French writer that you are in love with, not from one of my links surely?

sotise said...

Mona , i've got'land of stone , so i didnt download it.. ive never heard anything else by them ..unfortunately.. ive been looking for the VOICE or anything else featuring Hyder for years..to no avail..
regarding the french writer ..yeah i found her through y'r site..

Mona said...

I have another 3 or 4 Talisker albums on vinyl as well as Voice. I need to get a stylus but as soon as I will put them to disc for you OK, Just remind me if you haven't heard from me in about a month. They were truly astonishing live and the last line up that I saw b4 leaving London was with a good friend Paul Rogers on bass as well as Frankie Armstrong on vocals...my little claim to fame is that in 81 or so a couple of friends and myself got a little combo together and we actually had Phil Minton singing a couple of times...totally improvised and ever changing line up but you would prob recognise some of the names if you were into the improv scene in london back then...I actually helped run the London musicians Collective LMC for a while with Sylvia Hallet who also played in talisker. Ken's site has a lot of free downloads including a Peel session that they did back in 72 or 73.
There is also a good doco done with Beresford and Toop at the WIRE site. I put on our first gig at the LMC and Max Eastley who was lecturing at Lanchester Poly in Coventry got us our secong gig up there and then it went to supporting 23 Skidoo ay UKU but I was always suffered really bad nerves and they kept getting worse but there were some good players there. Not me tho! I just liked making noise!!!

Mona said...

Know who you mean now re French blog/ found her site thru YONILAB who is well worth checking out.