Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Everything is Broken...

Of the contributors to this blog, at the present time, one has a broken computer.
The other, a broken turntable.
Both items are currently being examined by the 'best men in their field'.
...Or failing that, their owners.
We trust the current intermission will be a very short one and that the usual sluggardly posting rate will resume in the next few days.


kinabalu said...

Well, not quite. It seems to me that you still have one working turntable and one working computer, so we'll expect 50 per cent capacity utilization for the immediate future. Better than nothing, imho.

jiiiiiiiq said...

That's what you get for buying British. ;)

Many thanks for the wonderful posts on here, you guys are the tops! And I mean that most sincerely!

pirates of the free air said...

hey, sorry about the extreme delay, I have finally gotten out of my slump and started to post bootlegs again. I am currently in the process of uploading the sedition show that you played, I've been loving that recording for a while... and I wonder if you would consider letting me put it out as a small tape release??
sorry again for the delays, let me know.