Saturday, August 29, 2009

Instant Composers Pool -Groupcomposing ( ICP -LP 006) 1970, upgrade FLAC & 320kbs

Here's another Terrific upgrade by Boromir on the 220 rip he initially posted at Inconstant sol ... stone cold classic of early European free improv.

Some say the music has become, formulaic & predictable, now that its been practically institutionalized, and become a universal urban folk music.

This is an example of the music at its most Anarchic , no Erstwhile.. contrived highly formalised ambient noise scapes here.

This music flirts with total chaos... erupting into ferocious melees that assault the senses .. a musical punch up is how a friend described certain passages, but then again he isn't a fan ... preferring the generic digital electro acoustic sheen that graces most of our eras most celebrated free improvised cd's.
Which are now it seems as equally necessary as accoutrement's of urbane middlebrow sophistication as Ikea furniture,and minimalist decor.

Its common knowledge that the master tapes of all the early Icp records have been lost , with only existing vinyl as proof that this vitally important, enriching late 20Th c music ever existed.
Reissues are unlikely to be forth coming anytime soon.

Peter Brotzmann: tenor sax
Paul Rutherford: trombone
Han Bennink: percussion
Misha Mengelberg: piano
Evan Parker: tenor and soprano sax
Peter Bennink: alto sax, bagpipes
Derek Bailey: guitar
Recorded: 15/5/1970 Rotterdam

Again , i haven't made any attempts to separate tracks...Boromirs lp is in pretty good nick ,so only a light application of magix, was called upon to remove the more obvious crackle.

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ICP website



sotise said...

icp 06-320kbs


Anonymous said...
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1009 said...

One of my favorite group improvs of the era. I'm very thankful to have the upgrade.

Anyone know what happened to Peter Bennink? Not that I can always pick him out here (which might be the point), but he must have had an interesting career.

1009 said...

Also love the review. The "Ikea" line is priceless.

1009 said...

Folks who dug this one oughta go here:

Pierre Favre 4tet, Wergo

viagra said...

what great music, thanks for sharing, I love the band!

Daniel Karrer said...

I am trying to download the mp3 link. However, rapidshare says that download is not enabled. Please help me! I am really looking foward to hearing this.
If there is anything that I could do to repay you, please let me know.

SOTISE said...

Daniel , this has been reissued as part of (an admittedly expensive) Box set of ICP Recordings , so sorry no repost!

Daniel Karrer said...

Ok, I understand! Thanks.