Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Alexander Schlippenbach- payan 1972- (enja-lp, 2012)

To my Knowledge , this still hasn't been reissued.
a Wonderful album!!
Everything but the kitchen sink , from the baroque, to Boogie by way of a tab of "miss yellow sunshine"

downsampled from 48hz-24 bit
A 1 Fuge Für Tante Lilli 2:02
A 2 Yarrak 3:46
A 3 Pumpkin 2:32
A 4 Prelude To A Magic Afternoon Of Miss Yellow Sunshine 5:17
A 5 Niminy - Piminy 5:20
A 6 Payan 6:33
B 1 Lazy June 5:39
B 2 Aimless 3:20
B 3 Good Night, George 1:35
B 4 Kinds Of Weirdness 10:00

Recorded at Studio 70 in Munich on the 4th of February 1972
A.Schlippenbach- solo piano


SOTISE said...

Flac -pics no editing other than track seperation!


øשlqæda said...

did not know this was [also] you, but have this spot linked from my spot as well so i might keep an eye on the proceedings. thanks yet again

slovenlyeric said...

Thank you. Good to see you back.

Anonymous said...

And a super job too, young fella-me-lad. Ta very much!

1009 said...

Very cool -- thanks again sotise! Just wanted to make sure that folks had seen that the Destination: Out blog has now become the official online retailer for FMP digital releases. They've only got a couple of albums up right now, but you can download in any number of lossless formats, and for now they're only asking $7.99 US. (They'll go up to 9.99 in a few weeks.) If they have commercial success with these, so they say, D:O will continue releasing FMP's back catalogue.

And I think that's pretty cool. I'm not connected to FMP or D:O in any way, but I do wish them success in this enterprise. According to their site (link below) the musicians will even see proceeds -- let's hope that's true!


reservatory said...

Thanks much! One I never heard...

kinabalu said...

Thanks for this, M. I've only seen AvS in the context of Monk's Casino, twice and most recently back in spring of this year. During the rendition of "Blue Monk" AvS and Axel Dörner would even switch instruments. A fun band in every sense!

Godard said...

Beautiful, thanks much.

unitstructure said...

thanks for making this available.His trio w/Lovens and Parker is a favorite of mine.

Martin said...

Thank you very much for this fine record.

Anonymous said...

dear friend
thanks very much for sharing these products of your time & toil.
yours sincerely
alfred venison