Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bill Dixon-Intents and Purposes-1966-from ( Fr-RCA-lp fxl1 7331)FLAC

After some fiddling around with screw drivers for a few days , it seems i've finally managed to correct my turntable speed issues....

Bill Dixon, died on june 16th of this year, so iv'e decided to post this classic which to my knowledge has not been reissued since the late 70's .

a beautiful introduction to the great man's work if you happen to be exploring it for the first time .
i guess this lp can be considered the first fruits of his early maturity .
Whatever it is , the Terms "Free & Jazz " don't seem entirely relevant or accurately descriptive.
No point even trying to analyze it, I'm a firm believer in the mysterious power of music over the subconscious .

As much as i enjoy this record , you may have to look elsewhere in the great cycle of his recorded oeuvre to find his best work.
I recommend Nov 1981, as a first choice , and the Two Vade Mecum cd's on Soul Note with Barry Guy ,William Parker , and Tony Oxley... they can all be found

one of the Oddities related to these sessions is the presence of Jimmy Cheatham , a trombonist better known for his work as a Dixieland revivalist , and mainstream player who made a string of amusing albums on the concord label with his wife Jeannie
(both he and his wife also collaborated with Beaver Harris in the 70's on the great record "from rag time to no time")

A1 Metamorphosis 1962-66 13:20
Bass - Jimmy Garrison , Reggie Workman
Cello - Catherine Norris
Drums - Robert Frank Pozar*
English Horn - George Marge
Leader, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Written-By - Bill Dixon
Percussion - Marc Levin
Saxophone [Alto] - Robin Kenyatta
Saxophone [Alto], Clarinet [Bass] - Byard Lancaster
Trombone [Bass] - Jimmy Cheatham
A2 Nightfall Pieces I 3:47
Flute - George Marge
Leader, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Written-By - Bill Dixon
B1 Voices 12:08
Bass - Jimmy Garrison
Cello - Catherine Norris
Clarinet [Bass] - Byard Lancaster
Drums - Robert Frank Pozar*
Leader, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Written-By - Bill Dixon
B2 Nightfall Pieces II 2:25
Leader, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Written-By - Bill Dixon

I wont be posting mp3's of this , given that the album has been floating around in that form.
feel free to convert and post them here , or to re-upload the flacs anywhere you like, including other filehosts .. if you do that share your links here too!

a few technical points i recorded this straight into my Zoom H4 , digital recorder , going from the Nad Amplifier straight to the machine... at 24 bit 48hz which i then Down sampled to , 16 bit- 44khz wav .

the record is in great condition , other than a 40 second passage on the first track which features a quite obnoxious repeated crackle.
no Compression was used , or de crackling , the only thing i did was raise the level about 2 decibels and separate the tracks.

enjoy , and buy some B Dixon..if you can.


SOTISE said...
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zero said...

Fantastic! Long ago I heard Side A on the radio and have wanted hear it again - and the other side - ever since.

Thanks for going to all the trouble to rip the LP, sotise, and share it in lossless format.

maready said...

Thank you!

wightdj said...

Beautiful, thanks.

downlowsoul said...

In Italy Vols 1 and 2 with Alan Silva are my favorites. Been wanting to hear this scarce LP for a while. Thanks!


sasha said...

O yea..Let me be another to offer my thanks..B Dixon is a master musician..Always worth a listen.

fusionero said...

great recording, came here through inconstan sol, very nice site

Wallofsound said...

Thanks Sotise.

matt w said...

Thanks sotise!

1009 said...

Thanks much, sotise! Beautiful record -- very different to me than the places BD would go later. Good companion to *Conquistador*.

SOTISE said...

hey Brent ,yeah it certainly creates a unique sonic atmosphere ,hopefully it will see a full cd reissue, apparently a lot of other material exists from these sessions .

maybe Mosaic , will even consider leasing some of Dixons extensive Archive , and giving us a decent Dixon Memorial box.

bongomccongo said...

many thanks Sotise. I remember wanting to hear this several years ago- finally. thankyou . a mosaic box would be wonderful. Vade mecum 2 is a record i enjoy immensely.

SOTISE said...

links removed some months ago ... in answer to a couple of Private emails.. the reason is its back in print after all this time &well worth the wait!