Monday, February 21, 2011

Live at Moers Festival - Phillip Wilson Quartet [Moers 01062]

I have been playing a lot of Frank Lowe lately.
This LP has been on the stack next to turntable, as Frank's on this.
Some great mentions, recognition & posting of the music of the fantastic drummer Phillip Wilson recently at inconstantsol , brought the 2 into co-junction
I think I normally write too much - and bore people - so this time just a few words about this performance: -
'Wish I was there' . . .

Phillip Wilson -Drums, Percussion
Frank Lowe -Tenor Saxophone
Olu Dara -Trumpet
Fred Williams -Bass

Side 1
1. Broadway Rhumba
2. Cha Cha
3. This Is For You

Side 2
1. F & L
2. It's A Party

Recorded live Moers Festival - 15th May 1978.


serviceton said...

A live recording, straight-thru Sides, no tracks split.
There's some slightly odd sounding edits once or twice - these are on the original LP, and not my clumsiness, honest.
This has been out of print for some time - Moers had no stock and no plans to repress in 2008 when I spoke to them.
To my knowledge, never issued on CD.

FLAC Files.

Uploaded files corrupted, pls stand by for a 2nd upload - now pending! ..

sasha said...

Wow man I really look forward to hearing this one..P Wilson is one creative mother..Fortunate enough to see him in action with L Smith and J Dyani at the North Sea Festival..Circle records released the gig on LP..Thanks for this post.

trane said...

Terrific, thanks, I also love Frank Lowe, and live is a real treat

trane said...

Sorry, but you indicated twice the same link (Part 2), Part 1 is missing

serviceton said...

Drunk again trane

serviceton said...

Part 1

Part 2

trane said...

All is fine now!

sotise said...

hey S, comment Mod is somehow back i thought i had disabled it ..
Thank you for this marvelous thing of beauty... heard once 15 years ago !

sasha said...

Thanks for the post..Also gotta back your endorsement of F Lowe..One hellva player in his own highly personal way..Saw him live one time in London..At his best struck me as a player who avoided cliche in his music making..Seemed supremely untouched by any trane-isms (and how many tenor players can you say that of?)..Still hold 'The Flam' is the highest regard.

Wallofsound said...

Looking forward to this. Thnak you.

roberth said...

you don't go on too much it is informative. i enjoy. looking forward to this set. as i saw philip live at least once, and saw
frank lowe with alice coletrane way back when. keep up the great posts and write ups

onxidlib said...

Hi Serviceton,

please mail me - I've a small offer for you.

daniel said...

hi S,
do you still have this one??

I am really into this nowadays
certainly I would enjoy this reacord

thanks a lot
I really appreciate

serviceton said...

hey daniel - For a blogger with an identity - not a random anonymous -
who digs the music?
Of course, and you're welcome! I'm about 80% sure I still have the files for this - I'll let you know here shortly.

serviceton said...

Re-Up. Phillip Wilson Quartet - Live at Moers - FLACs & Scans

daniel said...

yeah man.!

thank you very very much
listen to it right now

totally enjoyable session


Unknown said...

If at all possible to repost this, it looks GREAT!

serviceton said...

Phillip Wilson Quartet - Live at Moers Festival


Part 1!848FFIaI
Part 2!wxcWgKiC

serviceton said...

Part 1 Encryption Key - !wxGm4jaje2pdBMftzJtxLjpvYH2b8g0pGTfm9QfkaAI
Part 2 Encryption Key - !rjxrz60ntivzPGdcTSR2XWzDAjWx5QDAXJglvrRRZJU

Despite having asked Mega to generate links Without Encryption Keys - it appears these keys (above) will be required.Seems like a current bug in their system - maybe they'll fix it later.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the re-up + the keys!

Unknown said...

Excellent concert! Broadway Rhumba + (I believe) Cha Cha are Frank Lowe compositions. Note This is also valuable for the terribly under-recorded Olu Dara from around this time period!

Jazz Hound said...

servicton, Tried leaving a comment at the page for the Bobby Few - coming through. The links don't work now. Any possibility of a re-up? Bobby solo is great! I've got the more recent Lights and Shadows + also his work w/Undivided + Waclaw Zimpel is magnifique!

serviceton said...

Unknown - Glad you enjoyed the record. Like you, I really dig Olu Dara's down-home avant-guard approach. It's not a record to change lives perhaps, but a really enjoyable concert for all that. I have at least 3 tunes here down as Lowe's, so it was sloppy of Moers to credit all compositions to Wilson. Broadway Rhumba was practically Frank's signature tune for chrissake.

Jazz Hound - Good to hear of another Bobby Few enthusiast. New links for Coming Thru now up, over on that post.