Monday, December 24, 2012

Years End..

Another awesome year in the modern world.

If Christmas is your bag, have a fine one.
Happy New Year for 2013.
Dance your dance, sing your heart, play your tambourine.



Newk said...

So odd that I peek in so infrequently, but I am the first to respond to this. Have a beautiful new year. Check this out:

farosanderson said...

Echoing Newk, hope the coming year is a good one for you and please, continue to be a beacon of great musical taste.

Owombat said...

Hi Serviceton and Sotise,
a great and busy year ends, another hopefully sound and safe one will follow, all the best for you and all!
we will continue organising concerts, check out:


SOTISE said...

Owombat, Farosanderson, cheers and all the best to you both may the new year be auspicious!

serviceton said...

Yeah, thanks for comments/ good wishes . Newk, we always keep a seat warm for you. As I write, 12 minutes until 2013. Happy New Year 2013 one and all.