Sunday, January 13, 2013

Earl Freeman - Footage

By way of a follow up for anyone that was interested in the Earl Freeman / Sound Craft 75 post - 2 pieces of video footage of Earl Freeman playing. Interestingly, both from the same year - 1972.
Earl plays bass violin with Joachim Kuhn and Jacques Thollot for French TV.
Thanks to Adam for pointing this one out - a beautiful piece of footage
I find Earl's fingers fascinating.
Same uploader on Youtube has posted some outstanding other clips of Paul Bley, Howard Riley, Jeanne Lee with Ran Blake & Ted Curson.

Second clip is frustratingly without sound !  It's Noah Howard's 1972 group with Arthur Doyle, Art Lewis and Freeman on electric bass.  From Juma Sultan's archive site, which is fascinating - many of Juma's clips have yet to be matched to sound recordings. At Sam Rivers' Rivbea Studio, the band look like they're tearing it up and Freeman appears in a quite different light

Most of the video clips at Juma's site are fascinating even if a disproportionally high number of them suffer from a lack of audio - recommended.all the same.

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