Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Roswell Rudd- (america ,LP 6114 1969) REC 1965, FLAC

Here's another old favourite ... promised to S..months ago ...sorry for the delay.
for all intents , in all but name this is the 3rd 'lost' New York art quartet album ...

Legend has it this was put out without Rudd's initial permission ..I'm not too clear on the substantive facts regarding its genesis...but hell....
.......What a stunning album, it's ...everything you'd expect from the front line ...+ Louis Moholo... I have no idea who Fin Von Eyben is , or what he went on to do .. but his playing here is a real surprise ... in the same ball park as Lewis Worrell or Reggie Workman (the NYAQ's other recorded bassists).

This is ripped from my crackly 40 year old vinyl ..there are no major glitches ,just low level crackle through out.

This briefly resurfaced a few years ago on verve's Universel limited ed series ... which i think included the previously un released 'lost track'... ive never seen that CD , whatever the case its gone .... sold out at source (as they all are)
if anyone has the pristine CD- please post it Here preferably , anywhere really! ..... 'd love to hear it!

Roswell Rudd
America 6114- F
rec Hilversum, The Netherlands 11/2/65
Roswell Rudd-tb; John Tchicai-as; Finn Von Eyben-b; Louis Moholo-d
Respects (Roswell Rudd) 10:31
Old Stuff (Roswell Rudd) 8:55
Jabulani (John Tchicai) 4:55
Sweet Smells (Roswell Rudd) 10:13
Pannonica (Thelonious Monk) 3:10

Rosmosis (Roswell Rudd) unissued


sotise said...

Rudd- AMERICA LP,6114 1969

Reza said...

many thanks sotise, looks great (fingers crossed for that cd rip for you)

Anonymous said...

damn, yes.
gracias senor por dis!
I mostly think this blog is pathetic, but maybe you Sotise are going to make me change my mind and be over to the good side !!..
Very High Vibrational Fancy!
(as Roswell Blows!!)

sotise said...

if you'll only come on over to the BAD side maybe we can talk!

there's something rather pathetic about blogging generally , why should this Blog be any different?

frankly ..i couldnt give a fuck what you or anyone else thinks....about our 'STYLE' or lack there only interested in Music , Drugs ,and Kinky Sex...but mostly just... Music!

and am hereby merely engaged in an occasional proverbial Neronic fiddle , like every other bored sexless unfulfilled middle aged male.. passing the time... AS IT WERE

Damned right i'm pathetic!
anonymous comments are more so, no?

right on about Rudd though!

1009 said...

We all need a little pathos every now & again.

Thanks for posting this, sotise. I always forget Rudd had a record in this series. I'm sure I've seen the cd around but never bothered to pick it up. Was going to check the Jazz Record Mart in Chicago, but called first & they were out. Will keep an eye out, though, as those America reissues do surface sometimes in the used bins at Reckless. (That's where I've found the Alan Shorter set, Clifford Thornton, Shepp, Braxton etc.)

Wallofsound said...

Looking forward to listening. Thanks for sharing. said...

thank you very much for tbis: I have the NYAQ albums but didn't know about this. I look forward to hearing it. Actually blogs are very important because if we had to rely on the record companies to promote this music...................

Boromir said...

Wow ! This is so rare ! Many thanks.

sotise said...

Reza , looking foward to it ... thanks!
everyone else .. thanks ,enjoy !

jazzme said...

Sotise thought I would give you a heads up there are 4 new Eric Stach disc over at . . Steve

hookfinger said...

Nice to see you guys back up and running. Thanks for some great stuff!

orleyfarm said...

Thanks, I'm excited to check this one out!

J. Andersen said...

Great blog!

I happen to have the Universal reissue CD of this, and Dave Burrell's "After Love" as well. Great series - killer layout / design, high quality packaging.

I'll get this ripped @ 320 LAME (MP3) and share the link in the comments here.

Come over and check out my budding blog as well. There's some similar flavors as here (I was actually lining up a post on Redman's "Tarik" as well, but ripped from the reissue CD copy, not vinyl); plus some 90's hardcore, some drone and noise rock. Good fun. Keep it up!

- Jerry

Igor said...

Thanks a lot sotise.
It's my cup of tea also.

sotise said...

Jerry , nice blog thanks for the url ..... btw does the universel reissue contain that extra track ?

Igor ...cheers

J. Andersen said...


No, the Universal disc only has the original 5 tracks.

Coincidentally, saw Rudd last night at Yoshi's in San Francisco.

He played a duet w/ piano, it was great...a bit subdued, but he's a master of his instrument for sure.

Sunny Murray and Marshall Allen also played, albiet all in different sets. It would have been mindblowing to see any of those guys play together.

J. Andersen said...


Here is the promised link to the Universal CD reissue rip of this album...

If there are any problems with this link please drop a line via my blogger ID. Thx!

serviceton said...

Very interesting...
Thankyou sotise. No problems with your link Jerry (and thanks!) - but either sotise's turntable is running mighty slow or they *seriously* fucked with this in the transferring to CD.
Quite apart from the "one sounds veiled, "one sounds hissy" syndrome [reversed from what you normally would expect CD vs Vinyl to be] - these recordings are clearly at different pitches.
Now I *have* been at an ear specialist's today having tuning forks vibrated against my skull and so forth - so could be in auditory confusion.
but i don't think so...
! ? ! ??

1009 said...

You know, this isn't the first time I've said this, but I actually prefer the lp rip to the cd reissue. It's anyone's guess, I suppose, which has the "correct" pitching (unless you know what key the originals were in), but the lp just has a warmer sound, with a lot more bass resonance. The cd doesn't eliminate hiss anyhow so I'm not sure in what its superiority might consist.

If I get a chance later I'll try to see if one or the other of these is out of proper tune, but I'm not even sure that such a test would prove much.

Arcturus said...

thank you, what a great recording!

we were able to make both nights @ Yoshi's - Rudd was playing w/ pianist Lafayette Harris, who I wouldn't mind hearing more of - Sunny Murray joined 'em the 2nd night - was also quite taken by the 70-sumpin' bay area trumpeter he brought out for a few, Earl Davis ('he played w/ me in '69 @ the Peace Church in NY') - anyone know of any recorded work? there's very little info on the web

last set was Marshall Allen's trio (w/ Matthew Shipp & Joe Morris on bass) & to close Tues night he brought back Earl Davis & Eddie Gale! (who I hadn't heard live in over 30 years) - those two blew up a storm - as well as Sunny Murray & Kash Killion on cello - - some very satisfying freeform improv

J. Andersen said...


Looks like I picked the wrong night! Didn't have the cash for the wife and I to go both nights.

My one complaint would be that there wasn't enough drums the first night; being a drummer, that is often my focus and highlight in watching live music. Looks like that was taken care of the second night. EDDIE GALE!? I'm dying over here.

moha said...

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Werben said...

great blog, sotise! thanks for this and all the other great albums.

Newk said...

I just noticed your Mal Waldron post in CIA, and stopped in to thank you for it. I had that LP at one time, and of course have not seen it since. I'm on a crazy Waldron kick these days. Mifune looks good up there.

sasha said...

Hey there!! Dosen't surprise me to read of the vinyl's better sound over the cd re-issue..I realised a while back with all the Blue Note re-issues etc that the transfer from analogue to digital wasn't such an easy process..Now I'm happy to put up with some hiss, crackle and pop for the warmth of the original..Many thanks.

sotise said...

Werben , nice Blog ... my Daughter is Very Gluten and lactose intolerant ... thanks for those posts AND RECIPES.

... good to see you Sasha , and Newk ....

Sascha just one point about an earlier comment.. i too feel Jones had a distinctive original sound on alto.... its only in that Blueness that he reminds me of Coleman ... then there's that other master Marion Brown ..that slightly introspective fragile quivering tone ... ( im sounding like cheap porn) ... there are vague similarities with both.... though Jones is of course unique!

Anonymous said...

J. Andersen -
Amazing to find your link still working. I'm not familiar with this recording or the bassist so I am looking forward to listening to it. Many thanks.