Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dewey Redman -'Tariq' 1969 , FLAC

thanks to Kinabalu.....for the reminder of this albums existence and for generating the impulse to actually listen to it.

No self respecting jazz fan should be without this, it is one of the gems of the late 60's and the BYG.... label.more specifically.

Ive always enjoyed Redman's playing ...and this surely features one of the hottest rhythm sections (convened ad hoc for this occasion only)...EVER!!
Often referred to as a careful and conservative radical , even a cursory listen to Tariq reveals otherwise....

Redman simply tears through half the tracks here (check out tariq itself ..a tour de force which begins fast enough ... and soon shifts into double time with Redman gradually contorting/transforming the melody, accentuating the trance with growls and non pitched effects... ... OVER EVER FASTER WINDING BREAK NECK RHYTHMS)

on half the tracks Redman showcases his double reed Musette an instrument very similar to the Indian shanai( and just as difficult to play!!)on which he also occasionally performed , though seldom with the passion and forceful sweep as on this record.

As often with Redman's best records there is a lyrical dream like free improv..... this one's a corker ( related and un related vibrations ,the closer... featuring Favors only extended solo one of his distinctive free arco variations.....affair's..mmmmmmm)

Great as Redman is ...IT IS the rhythm section's inventive,propulsive.. Drive .. which for me makes this so EXHILARATING!

Behind all the theatrics and make up , Favors was one of the most innovative inventive bassists ever.
a pity all three are long gone ... just when the world most needs its wizened shamen & master Griot's

the record is in good nick ... though it has to be said that AFFINITY pressings were always inferior tending to sound somewhat dull( they were after all little more than bootlegs!!!!!).. not to mention pressing faults etc


BTW/ A BRIEF NOTE ON FILE FORMAT.... It's starting to seem ludicrous to post in both FLAC, and Lame format's .... particularly when Flac is so prevalent in file sharing terms... most people ought to have the required codecs to convert to lame ,

in any case as i see it we are providing raw material wart's and all ..which can be imported into sound forge, audacity , wave lab and any number of d-clicking program's ... or converted at will


sotise said...


Bombshelter Slim said...

I'd urge anyone who hasn't heard this to download, this might be the very best BYG release (with the possible exception of the sublime "Other Afternoons" by Jimmy Lyons.

Wallofsound said...

I always enjoy Redman. Thanks for sharing.

1009 said...

Really dig this one. Curious, though, that Ornette didn't do a BYG set. Redman was already playing with him at this time (1969), right? Although I suppose it's also true that Jimmy Lyons did his own date without Cecil.

I don't know if that explains it or just makes the phenomenon of sidemen dates with BYG even weirder.

1009 said...

Oh yeah, and FWIW FLAC is fine by me.

slovenlyeric said...

I checked and I do actually have a C.D. copy of this one. I think it was re-issued by Fuel 2000 a few years ago. Once I locate it I will post an additional comment.

zero said...

And thanks to you, sotise, for your reminder. This is a whale of an album.

Spot on about FLAC.

serviceton said...

Bombshelter Slim - "the sublime Other Afternoons by Jimmy Lyons" .. - oh Yes Indeed,..! Most folk have heard that though, or have a copy yes? (..he enquired into the aether) It is a great record !!, but I think has been all round blogland enough already? this IS a question - i really don't know.
1009, I know that Cecil T *was* asked to record his Unit for BYG. On examining "the offer", he declined on financial grounds. Very wise, if he understood the concept of royalties. (of course he did). As it transpired, the 'rest of The Unit' - namely Jimmy Lyons and Andrew Cyrille DID enter Studio Saravah and both issued LPs on the imprint. If anyone digs Solo Drums & Percussion records (and lets face it, there's many, many, many that love this form of album solely) - I could put up Cyrille's 'What About' Although it isn't part of the plan...
slovenlyeric - so Tariq/k DID make it to CD! Does it sound like it's been dubbed from vinyl and EQ'ed to hell to sound 'clean' ? I confess to being confused a little about what BYG titles have/are/were on CD. I have a vague inclination to do a general poat on BYG and the triumvirate that ran it. It will be called "Criminality Over The Decades, OR Why Musicians Don't Matter". But, that said, Les Trois Messieurs de BYG - for all their 'exploitation of artists', actually contributed a hell of a lot more to a real musical culture than the average enthusiastic young filesucker of copyrighted improvised music today.
We're driving a car at 80mph down a dead-end alley - and admiring the stonework of the surrounding buildings as we travel.
Oh but what lies ahead?..

Arcturus said...

hard pressed to choose a fave - this or the duets w/ Blackwell -
oddly (or not), in an interview, he mentions "The Struggle Continues" as one of his favorites

& if it matters, here's a vote for Cyrille's "What About" which I've never heard

serviceton said...

i was never tremendously moved by 'The Struggle Continues' - but it's on ECM and ........never mind, I won't start up on ECM..

"the 'rest of The Unit' - namely Jimmy Lyons and Andrew Cyrille", should also have included the name of Alan Silva in the aggregation

1009 said...

Right, and Silva's *Luna Surface* is pretty hott. Any chance of that one "surfac[ing]" around here? I've got a 320 CD rip of *Seasons* too if that's desirable.

Yeesh, serviceton, apocalyptic much? Can't dispute any of the main points, though, except to say that as a musician I'm trying to put some stuff out there. Not that anyone would be downloading it, even for free! But of course when the opportunity arises (such as with Chuck Nessa's recent reissues of stuff like *Nonaah*, the early AEoC stuff, Air etc.) I always put my money where my ears are. Sadly the opportunity doesn't arise nearly as often as it should.

kike hurtado said...

Thanks to sotice for sharing this hard to find Lp on Dewey Redman.

best regards, Kike.

Anonymous said...

Why Ornette Coleman should have recorded for Byg. He wasn't un expat like most of the Byg artists. In all case, his experience with ESP should have keep him away from labels of the same kind... (PLM)

Love Letters Journal said...

Dewey and Blackwell are a dream
Add Favours and we have beauty in the extreme.

Thank you!

MarquisSmith said...

Great album. I'd love to hear the vinyl as the cd is lame. Could you re-up?