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Africanasia - Arthur Jones / Claude Delcloo [BYG-Actuel 6]

The*other* Arthur Jones LP on BYG - Africanasia.
Co-billed with Claude Delcloo. And - as noted in comments to Scorpio - quite different as a record in character
It's very much the drummer's album, but Arthur has 2 sections to twist and soar. His solo on side 2 allows some cable to unwind rather beautifully ..

The flute trio of Joseph Jarman, Roscoe Mitchell & Kenneth Terroade are pervasive as 'a section' in their recurrent capitulation of the theme [which in its simplicity will stick in your head if you haven't heard this before] , but don't seem to fully capitalise on their [one] chance for a flute collective dialogue that's allowed them.
Mal Favors is wonderful - not playing bass - but 'log drums'.
Whilst it's exciting to see the name of the much under-recorded Clifford Thornton here - on congas, not either of 'his instruments' [trombone & trumpet] - it has to be said that he doesn't add a huge amount to proceedings here, other than some textural colour.

Claude Delcloo was so much a ubiquitous presence throughout the BYG Actuel catalogue that it'd be easy to assume they had trouble keeping him off drumming on the Sunny Murray albums or Andrew Cyrille's solo percussion record.

Editor of 'Le Jazz' component of the Actuel magazine that [partly] gave these records their imprint name, BYG/Actuel seems to have been Delcloo's brief golden summer as a player. He went on to produce French pop, soul, jazz (etc) until at least the late 70's. After then, I know not..
Some European visitors here may be able to shed more light on M. Delcloo?

And *anybody* know more of Arthur Jones than the shadow of a sketch of his life and career that we have ?

Anecdotally, Delcloo is still alive and living in Northern France, whilst Arthur Jones died in 1998 in New York. Don't go copy n pasting that onto other blogs etc etc folks - it may - or may not - be accurate.

As per Scorpio previously, this is my rip - and to FLAC.
The otherwise quite fine 192MP3s at 'Nothing Is..' have some needle skips which can grate...
This has one sonic artifact at approx 9.47 on Side 1.
That aside, it's a perfectly good 40 year old crappy old BYG LP pressing.
Cover scans included.

- Arthur Jones, Claude Delcloo -

1. Africanasia Part 1
2. Africanasia Pert 2

Arthur Jones - alto
Kenneth Terroade - flute
Roscoe Mitchell - flute
Joseph Jarman - flute
Clifford Thornton - conga drums
Malachi Favors - log drums
Earl Freeman - gong, bells, percussion
Claude Delcloo - drums

Rec August 22, 1969


serviceton said...

One single 170MB file
FLAC [+ 4 Gatefold cover scans + txt file]

Newk said...

Delcloo led a band after the BYG years-I forget on which label-that had a sort of Don Cherry world music feel. I've seen/heard this record only once in my life, so the details are long gone from memory. I do recall thinking that it seemed to be a bigger production (album art, sound quality, etc) than the BYG albums.

1009 said...

No girlish screams for this one, just manly interest, manifested in raised eyebrow & scratched chin.

Thanks for giving me a good reason to listen to this one again. Glad to see an extended Arthur Jones seminar going on. And BYG for that matter. At Guelph last summer I was encouraged to pursue a dissertation on the BYC scene: sociological, musicological, economic, etc. Sadly I'm in an "english" department, so a good chunk of my schooling happens right here. And thanks everyone for that!

If only 9GC were a degree-granting blog...

sotise said...

THANKS FOR THIS S.... A MASSIVE SONIC IMPROVEMENT , 1009 , we'll stay on the BYG theme ... and the period for a while , some good uns coming.

hideo said...


all the new posts are ... primo!


Reza said...

Mustn't forget C Delcloo's masterpiece

Anonymous said...

new link:!uUsQnSjK!XQKJc_hADRY3_kfly3zanT3Y6Z1EoHzcFVWpD9rO0VI


serviceton said...

Thanks Anon - AKA Igor.
Looks to be the original files - upped so long ago I no longer have them. :-)
I have a lot of affection for almost all the BYG/Actuels - even when sometimes they're not demonstrably 'that good'. Still love this.
Cheers mate !

Anonymous said...

I guess this is one of the very first recordings i picked up from here, it was a grand discovery for me back then, so i have particularly warm attitude for this thing. I'll reup some more stuff soon, it means a lot for me and it's a big pleasure.
and thank you!
best regards,

serviceton said...

Hey Igor, I can't email you privately because although you sign "Igor', your account is just an Anonymous to Blogger. If you downloaded the Francois Tusques Cabaret de la Derniere Chance, someone requested a re-up. Maybe you have it ?

Anonymous said...

well, i have it and i'll give 99% the rip is yours, there were some tag changes, but i put link to this album in original post and called it "new", because i'm still pretty confident that the rip is yours!

as for the first part of your message...there is another Igor around, more friendly open to Blogger and better known in these circles, so i guess my staying as "anonymous" is helpful for some differentiation in this case)

i'll put a list of few more records i could reup here, so you could tell me if they are still oop, cause i'm not pretty good in that kind of researches, hope this is alright!


Anonymous said...

crap! i added an extra letter to your nick-name, i'm sorry! yeah, i probably should think about to create an account in Blogger to learn how to fix some problems))


serviceton said...

Oh my name it is nothin'

You think the other Igor is 'more friendly'? :o) ....

Thnx for your assist - with this and also the Tusques LP. Appreciated!

ASDLR said...

Hi! First and foremost for a great blog.

Could you please re-up this gem ? Links are dead unfortunately.

Thanks a lot

serviceton said...


Re-Up of Africanasia - April 1, 2016!MxF20Rib!XM0p0RZL5AIvNlXvS5B-oo_KYC2qUXwNaxWdL__e314