Friday, July 24, 2009

A couple of Cassettes on Jon Roses, Fringe benefit label (frb-028&033) FLAC

Jon rose , is a virtuoso violinist who as a late teenager moved to Australia from britain , i know him mainly as a free improvisor ...though he has been involved in performing lots of different genres of music , often deliberately de contextualizing them for satirical purposes.

i guess he is an archtypal post modernist whatever that is....

From the late 70's through to the mid 80's he had one of the very few independant operations specialising in free improv and experimental music in Australia( both vinyl and casettes).
he used to sell them at gigs.
These days he has a fairly prestigeous reputation here ... a result of wisely having moved back to europe in 1986, and performing with the likes of Derek Bailey, Fred Frith, Evan Parker and so on......
Luckily for us , he has since moved back and is performing regularly.


Both of these tapes have never been reissued , in those days cassettes for the purposes of cheap mass production were once dubbed at high speed, often resulting in very high level peaks .

Ive made no attempt at mastering or removing hiss.

Fringe Benefit Casette ,28 John Rose and Roger Turner- trouble in the Woodwork 9-12-80
one long improv in 2 parts.
J.Rose – Violin
Roger Turner Percussion

Fringe Benefit Casette-33'Luton is the centre of the universe'- recorded in Luton , UK- 1980
John Rose- violin
John Russel- guitar
Steve Beresford- various instruments, toys ect( side 1 only)
Tony Wren -DB , (side 2 only)

If anyone needs a recommendation of some of Roses current work ... id plump for
Artery 2004

A Stunning disc , one of the finest projects Rose has ever been involved with.

anyone wanting mp3's of these two tapes will find them


sotise said...

fringe benefit 033' Luton is the centre of the universe'

fringe benefit 028
'Trouble in the woodwork'

grasprelease said...

Just discovered your blog....terrific! I love the music, but the comments are very useful too. Please keep up the great work and thanks for the gift of this great music.

Newk said...

I've ignored Rose, perhaps due to some early work with some folks I'm not so into. I'll give them a spin. Also, I don't know whether to thank you or blame you for pointing me toward that other blog, which I was unfamiliar with before.

sotise said...

@ Newk , sure man ..there's plenty of Rose i Dont like as music ..allthough i may admire it conceptually to a degree..

some of his 'ironic'( bowlderized, underlined..) deconstructs of pop ... are awful .... underlying all the supposed irony one cant help sensing a laboured sweaty bid for iconic avant pop status...

a lot of that stuff be it from Rose , Zorn ,Frith et al ... lacks authenticity.. its so laboured and try hard , the intentional satire is undermined by something rather unintentionally grotesque.

Anonymous said...

seems pretty interesting, i really hope the new links to these tapes will show up some day)