Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fringe Benefit casette-044 1982, FLAC

One more, for the time being....

Fringe Benefit Cassette 44, 1982
'Shorts 'six solo improvs ..
side 1
1- J.Rose -V
2-Michael Tinney-e guitar
3-Rick Rue- sax, metal pipes, producer

side 2-
4-John Gilles -tapes
5- Jo Truman-vox
6- Jim Denley- flute



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Thanks geezer!

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Rose is always worth a try !

serviceton said...

for some unfathomable reason, I actually scribbled some brief NOTES as I listened to this . this is unlike me - I wonder why..
here's my thoughts on listening, verbatim, then

1. Violin - after an unpromising beginning, interesting textual/timbral explorations evolve - purposeful brief microphone distortion later in the piece a gratingly difficult listen.
16 string violin ?!!?! Where can you get one?....
2. guitar - mostly inventive & enjoyable - 'pure' improv - but using small(ish) dollops of signal processing No Blues Licks !! (never *heard of* jimmy page - ha!) arguably a minute or 2 too long..
3. sax & pipe - OK. heard it all before tho
4. tape sound collage process-driven mainstreamed now (soundbites for radio promos etc) Early on - the voice of Richie Benaud lovely to hear. John Oswald (&Negativland) taken this tiny bites thing way further in the interim..
5. Voice - overdubbed (x2, L/R channel), not "solo" as suggested - channel separation makes very "separate" performances - if only thet were more melded together - Can't have everything (hifi) on a artist run self_financed cassette improv label in the 1980s though.. -= SHORT piece!! Not without interest & talent (pompous summation)
6. Flute - Tough intrument to do interesting improv on ! Player plays some of the usual technical & gestural "tricks" , circular breathes throughout LONGEST thing on the tape/album. intermittently captivating