Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shots - Steve Lacy [Musica MUS3024]

Steve Lacy in the late Seventies (see Stamps, below) brought this to mind. Quite a different sort of record to Stamps, it's a duet with Japanese percussionist Masa Kwate. A very stripped down, even 'art-naive' feel to proceedings, counterbalanced somewhat by Lacy's knotty asceticism. Irene Aebi is featured (voice & violin) on one track only - The Kiss - which bizarrely puts to music the 'brass-plaque- in- the- English- garden' homilies of early 20thC religious hymn-writer/poet Dorothy Gurney.
Roundel on the front cover shows a 1980 award from L´Académie du Jazz.
Record was released in 1979.
But *recorded* earlier still, in a Paris studio , in 1977.
Cover art is by Brion Gysin.
There are large scans of front & rear covers included.

It may have been blogged before - I don't know.
If you don't have it - here it is.

- Steve Lacy -

1. Moms
2. Pops
3. The Kiss
4. Tots
5. The Ladder
6. Fruits
7. Coots
8. The Wire

Steve Lacy - soprano saxophone
Masa Kwate - traditional japanese percussion

Irene Aebi - violin & vocal on 3. only

Rec. October 15th, 1977


serviceton said...

Shots - Steve Lacy
Vinyl Rip to FLAC files & 2 x Covers


serviceton said...

and for Ear Bud Living...

Shots - Steve Lacy
Vinyl Rip to MP3 VBR files & 2 x Covers


orleyfarm said...

Looks great! Good to see so much action over here on 9 grey chairs. Still looking forward to the OOP John Carter material also. Gratefully, OF

sotise said...

eh S , merci ... i dont think this has been round the Traps....,
i love his collabs with japanese folk ...
Orley F.....
some of those John Carter things have been posted in the contributions sec's at CIA ...i cant remember which but at least half of the 'roots and folklore' series... one that hasn't appeared is shadows on a wall ... i can endevour to post that... i love it (and all of JC)But be warned it features a gospel choir , and the fairly pervasive synthesiser of D.Preston , of Mothers fame!

Caveat only because i know that a lot of purist jazz fans dont like the Human Voice(never understood why) or Synths.

jazzme said...

Thanks this has been posted before but well over a year ago and as side 1 & 2 as whole tracks thanks for the single tracks upload Steve

wightdj said...

Very nice post, Lacy never disappoints. Thanks.

1009 said...

Hooray for Steve Lacy & the Japanese! Really dug all the stuff sotise has posted of Lacy w/ Yoshizawa, Togashi, et al, & I know I like this record. I think Fredito posted it some time back?

Anyhow thanks for this one!

djll said...

THE best Steve Lacy album.

ABE said...

Thanks very much. Clearly, one cannot have enough Lacy to listen to.

Mark said...

Oh, wow! Great to find you. Reminds me of the old days (what took me so long?). Same great taste, same easy knowledge, same capacity for wonder.

Thanks, guys.


carlo87 said...

Thank you, I had missed this record! Great Material

Anonymous said...

Hey there you wonderful people that puit superb music up here....
Any chance any of you have the Steve Lacy/Brion Gysin Album from haTHUT available to be posted here???


teddywilson said...

Love that one. Thanks a lot !