Friday, October 22, 2010

Dmitri Shostakovich-the 2 piano Sonatas-Victoria Postnikova (Melodia, lp-C10 1785 0042)

A Dynamic , rather Splashy reading of some seriously brooding Music,in the first Sonata at times Postnikova,sounds as though she's Lazar Berman playing liszt,or some other llate 19th C ,romantic composer.

A Rather ,non Canonical performance perhaps ( maybe why this particular lp hasnt been reissued , at least not to my knowledge) , but Visceral ... i love it .

there is an Available CD version of Postnikova ,playing the preludes and fugues ,which i havent yet heard ... this is the only recording of hers that i own.

Melodia lp C10 1785 0042
Dmitri Shostakovich
1-Sonata #1 op12- 1926
2-Sonata in B Minor op 61-1942
Viktoria Postnikova -piano


PS. Given that i seem to be back at I.Sol posting ,more improvised,& jazz orientated musics.
from now on I 'll probably stick to Short posts of 20th C Classical Music.
I'm also posting these and Others Here on SFRP
A great forum which anyone seriously interested in such musics ought to investigate.

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