Friday, October 22, 2010

Frank Martin-6 monologues for Everyman 1943-Fragments from the opera de Sturm, (DC, LPM 1871-1964)

a truly Magical performance of Frank Martin conducting his own, music

The 1st piece is based on a text by Hugo von Hofmannstals -6 monologues for everyman , a cautionary moral tale , about the death and life of a rich man.
these pieces are so richly orchesatrated ... there are serial elements , but overall its much more Berg and Mahler than Webern , distinctive though too.
And Dietrich Fischer Dieskau's Baritone voice , is a marvel!!

this actual pressing is from 1964 !!46 years old ... and not in perfect condition by any means ,so i had to do a little de click here ...
still a bit of crackle , The music is so captivating one ceases to notice.

The 6 Monologues in this version , was the first F.Martin i ever heard .. on a distant late night Sydney Radio station,, a thousand Kilometres from the source.
An odd period in my life , i was living Alone in a run down Caravan on the Edge of a Banana plantation , working 6 days a week as a plantation Labourer.

A- 6 Monologues for everyman-(1943)
8- Fragments from the opera the Tempest....

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra- Frank Martin conductor
Dietrich Fischer Dieskau-baritone

DG-LPM 18-871- 1964


SOTISE said...

Flac Pics

Frédito said...

Hi Sotise,
This music is completely unknown to me, I'll give an ear. Thank you !
I hope things are going well for you.

SOTISE said...

Freddy ,a pleasure .. Good to see you here(or anywhere, for that matter).. i hope you enjoy this , its special to me..
im sorry i've been so remiss in keeping in touch , i hope to remedy that soon !
take care

Anonymous said...

I want to say that I like the
meditative qualities of this
music,it is somehow a calmness
beyond day and night,yin and yang
of chinese philosophy or,maybe,a
very delicate balance between
them.Few european composers
reached this level of effortless
mastery and the interpretation is
just as it should be.
Harpsichord concerto is a jewel.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi! If it's from 1964, it would be 46 years old -- just like me!

Frédito said...

...and just like me too ;)

I have enjoyed the first listen and have to say that the german lyrics are not a barrier at all, even for a non german speaking like me. An exquisite journey. Merci encore, M !

SOTISE said...

o im a year younger than you guys , really glad you have enjoyed this , its pretty special to me , something i listen to perhaps once a year , and savour.

Irecommend the other F.Martin lps here too , and there are more Martin lp's around ...

Freddie , Avec un text Francais son grand Oratorio , Le Vins Herbe
aux blog mervellieux ..'the high pony tail'..bonne trouvaille!

more too ,which is not out of print , an Avax search for example is revealing.

Frédito said...

Merci Sotise for your superb shares and precious advices. I'm curious about this vin herbé ! and that is certainly not the written intro by the HPT that will dissuade me to explore this 1961 recording. And I still have to take your other Frank Martin offerings !


Rhythm Changes said...

Thank you a lot! It ha been a while I've been curious about Frank Martin, but too lazy to find out by…

Unknown said...

Could you re-up any Frank Martin?
Ray Pratt

SOTISE said...

Ray, Sorry I missed your comment I'll endevour to do it soon, next few days ok.

SOTISE said...

Flac /pics

Anonymous said...

Hey Sotise,

Is it possible for you to re-up the Frank Martin? The link does not work anymore. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!