Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lol Coxhill-the Bald Soprano companion (1989 tak tak casette001)flac and lame

This was released in 1989 as a tape only accompanying the book of the same name by British Anarchist writer/poet /magazine publisher-editor Jeff Nutall, the book apparently being a fictionalised biography of Coxhill.
Nutall is best known (by me ) as the author of 'Bomb Culture'his 1968 account of the early situationist counter cultural movement in the UK.
That's the only book of Nutall's i have ever perused.. i know nothing about the bald soprano.
perhaps some of you may know more about Nutall and his work, and specifically more about the book this was meant to accompany.

" The music on this cassette was chosen specifically in relation to Jeff Nuttalls book 'the Bald Soprano' I know that certain of Jeff's admirers will pick up copies without knowing anything about my work.
Though i would not normally release them for any other purpose..the Tango , near Ska romantic jazz and voice tracks show something in relation to the book, whilst certain of the freely improvised sections there are references to certain musical areas i sometimes play within in the company of other musicians"
Lol Coxhill- from the tape insert

Basically Coxhill is improvising inventively through 2 hours of music.. even some of the 'Stock'soundtrack pieces included are never anything other than his usual uncompromising best.


kinabalu said...

Yeah, I've got both of those Nuttalls. The text goes up to the late 70s, including the two Ogun albums. The afterword by Coxhill and the appended discography does, however, go up to the late 80s. Nice literary companion to the 70s Coxhill outputs.

renrew said...

Here are your nine grey chairs:

Good luck with your new blog!

Anonymous said...

Your profile says 'no jokes' but I'm sure this will contain the musical equivalent, and much more. Many thanks, this is new to me and I look forward to hearing it soon.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog and it's astonishing thus far, to say the least! Many thanks for posting Lol Coxhill!



sotise said...

stay tuned saverino ..more Lol soon! ah yeahhhh no jokes is Serviceton having fun ...its all a joke no... this blog.. the whole file sharing phenomena..the internet..our fat sweaty obsessive middle agedness.

Anonymous said...

I is totally new to me. Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

is the a link for this to download?