Sunday, March 1, 2009

Archie Shepp and 'Philly' Joe Jones-(America lp 6102)1969--FLAC and LAME

This is a minor classic from Shepp's fertile Parisian sojourn, 1969 it seems was a great year for Shepp and the many other mainstays of the nascent "2Nd wave".
I happen to like this one alot ..though many apparently dont....EXAMPLE

"This intriguing LP does not live up to its potential. Three generations of jazz men were involved in this 1969 project, with veteran drummer Philly Joe Jones and the great avant-garde tenor Archie Shepp meeting up with two of the top "new jazz" players (altoist Anthony Braxton and violinist Leroy Jenkins). Unfortunately, both of the sidelong pieces have recitations, the performances are overly long, and there is quite a bit of rambling. This is a lesser effort that has been long out-of-print." ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

The mysterious Julio Finn who is now a blues historian , and the better known Chicago 'Beau'..Author ,publisher... poet who still performs regularly.recorded 3 albums with Shepp , as well as the classic 'certain blacks'by the AEOC all within the span of six months in 69....
Shepp was by then clearly indicating a return to his blues and pre-bop roots.. hard boppers Hank Mobley ,Art Taylor ..and on this Philly Joe Jones were all playing in his bands along with Braxton, Jarman ,Jenkins ,Mitchell and Bowie who were then virtually unknown.

This is the only one of Shepp's collaborations with Finn and Beau ..which remains unreissued.. the pieces as with the album black gypsy(reissued by Verve universal in 2004-5)are both credited to Finn and Beau.

this has been around on several blogs as mp3's.. here is both a lossless and 320kbs rip from a friend's vinyl (thanks..again.. Eeyan)

info on Chicago Beau


1009 said...

Thanks for this, sotise. I remember picking it up elsewhere but being pretty disappointed with the sound for a number of reasons, but most because I couldn't really make out Braxton's contribution. I'm going to give it another shot knowing the quality of your rips. If I still can't hear 'im I'll chalk it up to poor production.

kinabalu said...

I believe he's on side 2, but it's been a while since I played this lp, so I could be wrong. I'll check it out again.

-Otto- said...

That album was completely new to me; I just knew about the Black Gypsy album, but now it has a companion. Thanks!

GBML said...

Just discovered this chairs through BN and it looks like that i will feel confortable as on a sofa :-)

This is amazing album i must listen to it again
i may not belive but i do have this album twices (one of it is still seled!


dee es said...

Thanks for this great post. I've heard a couple other Archie Shepp duet listings thanks to the fine work over at Inconstant Sol. This one is also great, and I even like the "recitations" that Scott Yanow decries. Whatever Yanow, there's nothing better than a screaming jazz musician. Braxton and Jenkins only sweeten the pot!