Saturday, July 18, 2009

Francois Tusques-'le piano prepare' (Chant Du Monde LP LDX74483)FLAC

Here's a little Gem ,of a curio from Pierre an old Blogging buddy.
Its a fascinating demonstration record of sorts , of the possibilities of prepared piano ,as played by Tusques , some of it is a little on the light cheesy side, the first track seems to be a pastiche of a couple of different pieces by Granados.

..And it certainly bears little resemblance to his work of 10, years earlier with such Stalwarts of the nascent French free jazz scene as Barney Wilen , Beb Guerin, Bernard Vitet, Michel Portal and Francois jeanneau, - or later as virtually the house pianist for BYG...
His classic early records',' Free Jazz' -1965, Intercommunal Music'1971, and 'Le Nouveaux Jazz' mouloudji -1967 are all still up for perusal at 'inconstant sol'

It is none the less an enjoyable listen, texturally varied rather beautiful , and not with out distinctively 'free' passages, something for collectors to cherish since its long out of print and quite rare.

this is a superb rip , and the stitched cover scans are IMPEC!


sotise said...



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

yes yes yes!

i've never heard a prepared piano demonstration record, but whenever one is in it, i get open ears!!

merci, sotise!

p.s.: i'll post the rose-tapes tomorrow.

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Frédito lindo el philistin said...

Merci Pierre, et merci à Sotise.

Take care

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


bventure said...

Your fine blog can always be guaratnteed to provide something interesting and well out of the ordinary. Congrats & thanks.

kinabalu said...

I saw from the latest DMG newsletter that Tusques' "Piano Dazibao" is out on cd on the Futura label (alongside Michel Portal's "Alors" - a classic, unreservedly recommended!)

reservatory said...

Quite a curiosity! Recently found a download of John Cage keyboard lp I sold years ago, this will be an interesting companion piece. THANKS for something I would have never know about otherwise...

sotise said...

hope/ glad u R all enjoying IT.... a real 'Grower' ... thanks again Pierre!

Barbara ... thanks for comenting feel free to do so regularly ... have you Downloaded anything? any thoughts on the music?

thanks for the link to y'r blog... PIANOS R AND ENDLESS SOURCE OF

(reservatory ... good to see you ..thanks for the gems at LPH....)

ushaped said...


Once the link is clicked it states it cannot be downloaded unless I purchase a Premium account or the uploader participates in something called TrafficShare.

I'm wondering whether you might consider uploading a smaller MP3 version?


Jazzrealities said...

Many very fine records to be found! Thank you very much. Are you going to continue?
By the way, who is the piano player and who the singer on the very bottom of the blog?

serviceton said...

Thanks for dropping by Jazzrealities.

Will we continue ?

Well one of us has yet to do the customary "Sometimes I don't know if running a blog is worth it!" post that usually appears roughly about now in the timeframe of things.
I'm working on one now - "Nine and a half thousand of you motherfuckers downloaded my Roy Smeck post - but only 3 people left a comment! And 2 of the people were my relatives!. And Roy Smeck's a fucking genius. It's not worth going on.."
(pause for dramatic effect and hopefully a shitload of hagiographic comments)

As to the mystic twosome at the bottom of the pages, well sotise added that, so you'd need his answer to be definitive.
But I think the lady made a beautiful, wonderful record with the glorious trumpet player Clifford Brown. And the guy maybe isn't playing the piano, but is filling out his tax, or reaching for a couple of beers from the icebox . It's the best I can manage.
He actually reminds me of Jacques Brel.

PS - Roy Smeck *really is* amazing

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WMS.Nemo said...

Thank you very much!

Time and Attendance said...

His music is incredible!

Carlito said...

Is it possible to re-upload this record ? Thanks !