Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tony Oxley- Ichnos 1971(RCA Victor (GB) SF 8215)FLAC & 320

Here , is a fresh rip ( this was blogged as mp's... 256 i think..18 months ago or so) of Tony Oxley's Masterpiece of electro acoustic improv..'Ichnos'.

Still Relevant , it hasn't dated one jot.... the third of Oxley's great trilogy for major labels, the preceding records being 'the baptised traveller' and 'Four Compositions for sextet... both still available on one CD to my knowledge.. and highly recommended.

Ichnos features more(than previously) of Oxley's , subtle creative use of contact microphones and feedback.

once again its difficult to separate out the tracks , and best listened to as one sequence.
this is the same line up as 4 compositions, with Barry Guy replacing Jeff Clyne.

Evan Parker, tenor saxophone
Paul Rutherford, trombone
Kenny Wheeler, trumpet/fluegelhorn
Derek Bailey, guitar
Barry Guy, db
Tony Oxley, drums.

click on the back cover for the album notes...
again I've used magix declicking ( LIGHT)

Tony Oxley at European Free Improv pages

see the post of Incus 8 below for some recommendations of in print material ...
to Which i might also add .....
three albums by Howard Riley's Great trio of the 70's... which can be found.. here


emelt said...

Many Thanks!

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matt w said...

Again, thanks for the re-up -- fantastic stuff.

1009 said...

One of my favorite Bailey performances on this record. Astonishing it hasn't been reissued in some form, especially considering the fact that the other two saw CD releases ten years ago. Thanks much for the sonic upgrade.

SpaceGenetics said...

Thanks so much for this post!

Rev. Dr. Moller. MDMA, THC and BAR. said...

Many thanks for this. Cheers!

carlo87 said...

Magnificent Music, thank you

Bhowani said...

oxley ichnos

thank you Boromir !
thannk you Sotise !

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I have the album, but it's badly scratched, it was given to me when I was very, very young. I can finally listen to it properly again!


bventure said...

Thanks for the upgrade. Great album (it's a safe bet anything on here is impeccable!)

Arkiver said...

This is gonna be awesome. What a treat and thank you for the sharing!

marten512 said...

This is remarkable music. Many thanks for making my tired ears perk up again.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to find a working link! I'm not familiar with this recording by this gang of the usual suspects. Looking forward to hearing what Oxley is doing with 'electronics' Many thanks.


serviceton said...

Ichnos Re-Up - September 2015

Ichnos -Part 1!04lmzbaK!qtHW8KVYqiMeiA05dYvrhZQ8cEx_7wCFEJla5bShQsA

Ichnos -Part 2!Zo9BUJYZ!a08xiDl-KV0LcIlcl7rTluq8q_5IrBLr4JYYKt5aKAM