Monday, September 20, 2010

Frank Martin- Basf lp-25-21638-1 eight etudes for Piano, string trio, ect 1974

Something different , moving away from Free Jazz and improv , occasionally is a great thing.

Lately i've been Ripping some of my records , and burning cds , with a wiew to maybe taking them down to the local charity thrift store.

they take up a lot of room.. so i think i'll give someone else the opportunity to enjoy them!
i may as well share a few here too!

Frank Martin -b-1990 - d-1974, is a somewhat neglected composer these days , but i like his music a great deal.
A short bio, by no means extensive here

1- trio for pno, violin and cello- 1925 ( this piece isn't a favourite , i guess its rooted in folk music , and in a similar style to say vaughn williams)
2- eight etudes for piano 1948- ( free atonality . a bit of serial organization )
3-trio for violin, viola and cello- 1936.... ( the album cracker!!!)

featured performers

Werner Genuit- piano
+ the new york string trio
Paul Doktor-va
Charles Castleman-v
Jennifer Langham- vc


the Frank Martin Society website

BTW-downsampled from 48hz -24 bit to ----16-bit burnable wav- then converted to Flacs, not because my turntable is especially super fuckin' hi fi,just simply to obtain the best possible sound quality i can achieve.
in most cases i wont do more than eq and raise volume levels , and perhaps a little very light De crackle ,if any ... no compression though ... ok

THIS PARTICULAR LP IS IN GOOD NICK...although the first piece which doesn't thrill me (but must have been overplayed by the previous owner) is fairly crackly!

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Basf-stereo lp 25 21638-1
frank martin-basf 25-21638-trio-preludes 1974.rar- FLAC and unedited cover pics