Tuesday, November 16, 2010

William Pijper & Henk Badings -Orchestral wks- phillips lp-A o2242l-1962

A glimpse at 2 relatively little known Mid 20th century Dutch composers
William Pijper, & Henk Badings
Phillips -lp o2242.1.l- 1962?

Side -A- W.Pijper
1-Piano Concerto-1927, H.Henkemanns -pno, The Concertgebouw O- Eduard van Beinum
Badings is now much better Known for his later Music , especially the Electronic music which was exclusive to his later period.

2- Six Symphonic Epigrams- Concertgebouw O. Van Beinum.

3-Six Adagios- 1940, the Hague Philharmonic O, Eduard Flipse


1- Concerto for 2 violins and Orchestra- 1954, Herman Krebbers and Theo Orlof- violins, The Hague Philharmonic O, Willem Van Oterloo.

Pijpers Language appears the more conservative , and his music is largely tonal.
the liners refer to "a creeping bi-tonality" in his music by 1920....

lovely music , and there's not a whole lot out there by either composer, i cant imagine this ever being reissued, the phillips Modern Music series from the late 50's through to the mid 60's , was a great showcase for composers who these days seem out of favour and outmoded.
there was another Badings disc in the series, and a few contemporaneous ones by dallopicolla , Krenek , and Janarch , which i wouldn't mind hearing...
Do any visitors have any , at all?


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Very nice! I have one album from this Philips Modern Music Series, with Robert Craft conducting music from Schönberg. I also have Krebbers and Olof on my blog - you're welcome! http://satyr78lp.blogspot.com/
Thanks for this post!

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