Friday, June 3, 2011

Untitled Gift - Billy Bang [Anima 3BG9]

1982 - Quartet music.

The instrumentation is violin, pocket trumpet, bass and drums. Plus some extra flute work from Don Cherry and Bang himself. The timbre of the unusual combination of instruments is absorbing - and the playing excellent.

Bang and Cherry are great.

But cop a big ear too, to Wilber Morris and Denis Charles - just LARGE talents, that couldn't be unmusical if they tried.
Who's Denis Charles? The guy on the early Cecil records who went off to be a 30 year junkie? Yeah - that guy BUT. . .
listen (for example) to Maat here. Powerful, beautiful, musical, wonderful approach It's Denis fucking Charles man! He's fantastic and [I think] a vastly under-rated player.

A really enjoyable record.

Sadly - all these 4 guys are now gone.

Billy Bang - violin, yokobue flute, congas, bells
Don Cherry - pocket trumpet, flute, bells
Wilber Morris - bass
Denis Charles - drums

Side A
Echovamp 1678 [B.Bang]
Night Sequence [O.Coleman]
The Kora Song [D.Cherry]

Side B
Maat [B.Bang]
Levitation for Santana [B.Bang]
Focus on Sanity [O.Coleman]

Anima Records Anima 3BG9

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onxidlib said...

Yeah, Denis Charles was a real great drummer!!!

I have this and another Anima ("Sweet Space" with Frank Lowe, uther Thomas, Butch Morris, his brother Wilbur, Curtis Clark and Steve McCall) on CD.
It was reissued in 2003 or 2005.
The CD wich contains "Untitled Gift" has four alternate takes from a later performance.

serviceton said...

This rip from the briefly available CD reissue (circa 2004). The clipping of some the cymbals and bells is inherent in the CD master. (I've heard 2 copies and both are the same). The vinyl is hard to find.


Owombat said...

I just announced Sweet Space for dl on inconstant sol - find it here:
original LP rip.

thanks to serviceton and sotise for all their efforts!
all the best

Zackery said...

awesome! can't wait to hear this

serviceton said...

Zackery - hope you enjoy it greatly.

Owombat - Nice one ! !
I love Sweet Space - and highly recommend anyone avails themselves of your LP rip of a beautiful record.
That *feel* ! ! . . .

yakka said...

I just discoverd this blog.
Thanks a lotfor these great Billy Bang sharings!
I love the LP "feel" too.

Igor said...

They were among my heroes, too.
Yeah, so many of them are already gone...

Igor said...

Would you be so kind and contact me on my email, serviceton? There's something I would like to ask you.

matt w said...

Belated thanks for this.

Pierre said...

I've been looking for "Untitled Gift" for a long time... But it is definitely hard to find. I have never found a place to buy it. Can anyone help me please?

serviceton said...

You're right, it is not an easy record to find. Sadly ironic given that it features the 'famous name' Don Cherry and could have sold extra copies based just on that fact...
onxidlib in his comment above, mentions the brief CD reissue - now also very hard to find unfortunately. . .

laika said...

hi,ive just discovered this blog,WOW so many rarities.especially interested in this,any chance of a re-up please?

serviceton said...

Sure laika - try this

Untitled Gift - Billy Bang. FLAC. Re-up. July 2012

laika said...

thank you so much,wonderful

serviceton said...

Re-up: - Feb 2015

Rev. bIGhIG said...

Whew! Got It!
Thanks for putting me on the trail of "Untitled Gift". The Rev sends his Kosmic Karma at'cha.

serviceton said...

I love this record - it's got a lot of soul. Hope you dig it too.