Thursday, September 27, 2012

Olivier Messiaen-Visions de L'amen-1973(Yuji Takahashi-Peter Serkin)RCA ,ARL-0363 LP

A slight digression from the usual fare here at 9 Grey Chairs, this is repertoire I like to revisit often, this piece being rather special in that it was the first Messiaen piece i heard many years ago, having acquired many versions over the years , this superb performance by Master Pianist Peter Serkin and Yuji Takahashi (also known to exploratory music aficionados,as a master improviser) has always been a favourite, for one its much less impressionistic , and romantic in treatment than many lauded contemporary performances..(see the Martha Agerich-Alexandre Rabinovitch,version as a prime example of the latter)

 Olivier Messiaen -Visions De L'Amen, For Two Pianos         RCA Red Seal – ARL1-0363,1973          
 Visions De L'Amen 
A1  Amen De La Création
 A2  Amen Des Étoiles, De La Planète À L'Anneau
 A3  Amen De L'Agonie De Jésus
 B1  Amen Du Désir
B2  Amen Des Anges, Des Saints, Du Chant Des Oiseaux
  B3  Amen Du Jugement
  B4  Amen De La Consommation
Peter Serkin-Yuji Takahashi Pianos
No Processing of anykind employed, including superfluos track seperation!



SOTISE said...


аффтор said...

thanks a lot!
rare and precious gift.

serviceton said...

One of the great 20thC piano works - Serkin & Takhashi are great partners - I never heard play before.
Rummaging, I find I have only the Labeque sisters playing Visions - this is quite something else again. Many thanks- superb .

sotise said...

the lebeque sisters V is one of the better almost lugubrious performances,its certainly more spontaneous than most...

Lee said...

Fantastic! I had seen this existed but hadn't heard it. Serkin is one of the all-time great interpreters of Messiaen. Thanks for this one

Anonymous said...

this one seems out of order. permision denied says the rapidshare message. will try tomorrow after the break rapidshare is taking.
anyway, I love very much of the blog. and mostly the classical things like Badings, and now I see Messiaen.
I hope to hear this one soon

greetings Kat Lechat

serviceton said...

here is a re-up of this LP [Feb 13 2013]

Ziggy Twiggy said...

Thanks. I'm the "anonymous" one who requested this re-up. Using an open ID from now on. I understand the frustration of flinging sonic treasures into the anonymous void.

serviceton said...

Man I am gratified you have done that. :o)
Drop by any time - we'll see your moniker, and can always say hi.
Hope you enjoy the Messiaen

DW said...

sotise, serviceton thanks for this.

Anonymous said...

yep, and thanks from me too!
new link:!DE9xnCaL!P-bhwjeEdDLod-FUgJYmtgGEvbpnfGdKMn3QUMvXcFk