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Current Trends in Racism in Nth America - Butch Morris [Sound Aspects SAS-4010]

Given the necessary discussion of 'conduction' in talking about the career of Butch Morris, and the repeated mention of conduction in obituaries of the man, it seems only fitting to add one of Morris' conduction albums to the earlier small-group post.
This one was the first one - first conduction on record, and one of the first times  - if not the first - that he got up in front of an ensemble with a baton, blank-sheet-of-paper open mind and possibly a slight sense of trepidation. "Conduction No.1" as it says on the back jacket.
The results are sometimes wildly successful and at other times less absorbing in terms of musical tension - an occupational hazard of the conduction method perhaps.
Overall, it's a very worthwhile listen and Morris' ensemble largely do him proud.

Nearly didn't post this - it's been out previously in blogland I'm sure, although possibly only at low-bitrate.
Have just been made aware too, that the guys at Destination Out posted one piece off this [as well as the second side of the previous In Touch But Out of Reach].  So, looks like I can't be accused of originality of selection !  Coincidence - never mind.
This here is the entire record.
Sound Aspects - Pedro De Freitas' label - has its entire catalogue available only on the 2nd hand market these days, which is a pity. This album was issued on CD it seems - this is a vinyl rip however. 
The first piece runs to a side and a half long.
Hopefully anticipating the intent of artist and producers, I have edited out the break that occurs due to the side break so that Part One is one continuous piece.

Some tasty textures and some nice tumultuous sounds. Feel free to leave a comment, and enjoy .

1. Current Trends in Racism in Modern America Part One
2. Current Trends in Racism in Modern America Part Two

Butch Morris -conductor
Frank Lowe -tenor saxophone
John Zorn  -alto saxophone, game calls
Tom Cora -cello
Curtis Clark -piano
Brandon Ross -guitar
Zeena Parkins -harp
Eli Fountain -vibraphone
Thurman Barker -marimba, snare drum, tambourine
Christian Marclay -turntables
Yasunao Tone -voice

Recorded live at The Kitchen, NYC, 1st February 1985

Sound Aspects sas4010   


serviceton said...

FLAC Files, much larger cover scans, Info text file [254.75 MB]

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one serviceton, nice to be able to hear it again. Butch has always been a favorite—he's gone too soon. I've uploaded Homeing, another of his Sound Aspects releases. As this is a continuous live performance (except for the final piece which I assume is an encore) the separate tracks of this CD rip unfortunately break the flow of the music. Perhaps someone can restore "the intent of artist and producers".


serviceton said...

Thanks for your comment Robert and for the upload . Homeing was the other one I considered posting but passed over for this one in the end Most welcome however - thanks!

crocojazz said...
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serviceton said...

crocojazz, thanks for dropping by and also your kind offer for people who may want the CD rip you did.
I am not comfortable with the link to the New World boxset however. If anyone deserves some support - it is companies like this that not only remunerate the artist and his descendants - but are also prepared to go out on a limb in the first place to issue such music ? The release of the 'Testament Conduction Collection' represented an enormous support for, and validation of the work of Butch Morris and would have been a major milestone in the shaping of his career. No one would have made money from its release - even after all this time I think.
We must support the artists we love yes? That way, a new generation may grow to flourish.

I dont want to just delete your comment because I dont want to censor people. Blogger does not allow me to edit your post to remove the link though. Would you consider deleting the Mediafire file link ?
If you disagree with my thoughts - lets discuss things yes?
Thanks Lorenzo !

Testament: A Conduction Collection - 10 CDs -

crocojazz said...

Hi Serviceton,

this is a long and complex issue. I perfectly understand your point, but I do not agree with it.

The digitalization of the information is married with such a copyright leakage. simply put, I don't think that there is any way to stop it.

In particular, for "niche" artists (like the ones we love) and for records that are quite old (15 years?) my opinion is that the spreading of their artistry done via free sharing is worth the money lost. More people knows them more opportunities they will have to give concerts, have residencies, win scholarship and prizes and so on.
But I repeat, this is a personal opinion and I don't wont to convince anyone.

Of course, since this is your place and I respect your rules, I accept the cancellation of my comment and I confirm that if someone is interested, I am happy to provide the flac rip of the cd of this conduction which you posted. just drop me a line crocojazz (at) ymail (dot) com

thank you for your kindness and for your great blog, which of course I'll keep following!



crocojazz said...

Hello serviceton,
I have deleted the comment myself.

Lucky said...

"current trends" - my cd-rip in flac + scans:

cheers, lucky :)

serviceton said...

hey Lucky - I thought you retired? Nice to see you here! As this album was digitally recorded, I would make no claims about the vinyl sounding better in this case !

crocojazz, - Glad we can have a difference of opinion yet stay civil. Look forward to talking through some of your points on - if time ever permits..

lee said...

serviceton - thanks for this. i lost my copy several years ago and really wanted to hear it again in full.


Pete K. said...

It's great to see so much care and passion for "new" music. Wonderful writes ups here and well informed bloggers. Does the heart good. You would be shocked if you knew how few CDs are sold on Independent labels. It's sure not about the money.

mike said...

holy crap! what a line up!

thanks from OR!!

Arcturus said...
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Arcturus said...
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Anonymous said...

Damn !
I arrived just a bit too late !
None of the links seem to work with !
I didn't know about this great composer before...
I am so excited !
If anyone can re-up the links !

Funky Fred From France.

simze12 said...

I agree with Funky Fred! Any chance for a repost? Would love for a chance at this one.


serviceton said...

FFFF, simze12 - try here

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the re-up...

simze12 said...

Many thanks for the re-post. I look forward to listening to this outstanding music. I certainly enjoyed The New York City Artists' Collective Plays Butch Morris. Thanks for introducing me to Morris's music.

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot ! Formidable !
I am downloading it right now !
You make my day !
Merci beaucoup.

Fuckin' Funky Fred From France.

serviceton said...

Current Trends in Racism in Nth America - Butch Morris

Re-up: - 31 Dec 2014

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the re-upload!!

Scraps said...

Thank you so much for the re-up!

DW said...

serviceton, thanks for this! And thanks for... well, thanks!

Anonymous said...

new link:!WUdkCARK!2uowHCBOO00ziYZiYs5n7mjQ_sBopFoJ3N6DBmw9G_U