Wednesday, April 5, 2023

The Jazz Doctors - Intensive Care PLUS Extra Session - Reissue from Cadillac Records


Some years back I made an LP rip of one of my most favourite earthy and swinging freejazz records and asked my friend sotise if he would like to post it to his blog Inconstant Sol.

The LP in question was Intensive Care recorded by The Jazz Doctors: - Billy Bang, Frank Lowe, Denis Charles and Rafael Garrett on Cadillac Records.

The record - like many Cadillac titles back in 2011, was out of print and unavailable.  I wrote up some trivial or grandiose comments to accompany the post, and sotise was kind enough and enthusiastic enough to put it up on Inconstant Sol.

People liked it, it got a lot of downloads, and it got some warm and appreciative feedback for the great music at hand.

Excitingly, the same album - plus more unheard material from a session from the following year - is soon to be reissued by the original label. 

The original Intensive Care record - remastered - will soon be available as a single vinyl record from Cadillac apparently.

An extra session's material, with Wilbur Morris and Thurman Barker substituting on bass and drums for Garrett and Charles in 1984 will be made available on CD and as a download.

New photos and new text by Val Wilmer included.

So - not a free download here, but a heartfelt recommendation to support the music by buying a great new/old release !

It's a wonderful avant-swing, down-to-earth, creative group of musicians - and simply terrific music.

Go order a copy 😊 

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unitstructure said...

Got my copy.Thanks!Great to hear from you again as well.

hideo said...

Still ticking, eh?