Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Clifford Thornton-communications network 1972(Third World records)FLAC)

Here's a something that whilst worthy of a listen is perhaps not the best place to start with this particular artist, it's uneven but nonetheless has a few great moments.
Side 2 ,which is basically an accompaniment to Jayne Cortez's poetry conveys a fairly pervasive impression that this is indeed one of Thornton's weaker efforts.
that impression being reinforced largely by the fact of the low budget/ very poor engineering... in all honesty it has to be said that this is flabby in comparison to most of the relatively few other Thornton albums... it'seasy to hear why it hasnt been reissued.

Side one meanders a bit, though the recording quality is fine...and it does afford a glimpse of the great Karnatic master violinist L Shankar playing with Thornton and crew.
thanks to Iain ..whose vinyl i ripped

BTW/those wanting mp3's of this can find 160kbs links (still active) at 'Nothing is'

Third World 12272 (LP)
1. Communications Network, Part 1 (Clifford Thornton) [11:55]
2. Communications Network, Part 2 (Clifford Thornton) [5:38]
3. Festivals and Funerals (Clifford Thornton) [24:50]

Clifford Thornton (cor; el-p on #1-2)
Jerome Cooper (d, perc) on #1-2
Lakshminarayana Shankar (vln) on #1-2
Sirone (b) on #1-2
Jayne Cortez (voc) on #3
Nathan Davis (ss) on #3
Jay Hoggard (vib) on #3
Andy Gonzalez (b) on #3
Vincent George (perc, cga) on #3
Jerry Gonzalez (perc, cga) on #3
Nicky Marrero (perc, tim) on #3
1972 – January 22 (#1-2)
ABC Stage City
New York, NY (USA)
1972 – April 17 (#3)
Festival of African-American Music
New York, NY (USA)

FLAC link in comments


sotise said...


folly seeing all this said...
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folly for to see what said...

Hi Sotise and Serviceton!
Glad to find a retrograde blog like yours.

Seems that "critics" are not very good for these posts… Now I have to download them!

Thanks for both!
See you!

(the comment deleted above is mine)

kinabalu said...

Hi Sotise,

once a blogger, always a blogger, eh? Thanks for filling a hole in the Clifford Thornton collection. This was the missing item, so to speak.

I believed he was involved in some 80s stuff, too, but I've gotta go look in the archives. Might post it at the other place if I find it.

BTW, keep hearing that things are getting too hot for comfort down under. Were any of you affected? Wintery and snowy on my side of the planet ...

sotise said...

hi K
thanks for asking about exposure to the fires ..i live in NSW and so waswnt affected .. serviceton however lives in Melbourne and used to bush walk in and around one of the devestated areas.
terrible tragedy many lives lost/permanently altered negatively.
Media acessing all areas ..ignoring the privacy of the victims asking vacuous questions of wraith like grieving victims ...no respect for privacy ..tactLESS adding insult to injury.
hope you enjoy the record ..any more C.Th would be a treat , hope you find something.

1009 said...

Huzzah for the new blog! I'll check a few times per day because I get off on the constant thrill!

Good to hear that folks we know in Australia are ok, but what a horrible horrible scene. I've been following through the (Chicago) Trib, which has really only included minimal factual coverage, but even that is verging on the grotesque. My thoughts are with those folks -- the ones I know & the ones I don't.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you and your's are safe and sound. My heart goes out to those impacted.
And another thank you for all this fine music.


sotise said...

A LOT of reports on the worst tabloid tv and news syndicates have been suggesting that ..hey guess what its all the fault of those fucking greenie's... this has i hear from friends oversee's filtered through to ...the bbc and other supposedly 'reputable' news services.
they are blamed for supposedly being aagainst low level burnoffs that might have endangered wildlife...this is TOTAL misinformation as far as i can assertain...
what YOU may not be hearing is that people had been trying to get funding.. to formulate and implement a coherent harm minimization-and evacuation plan for several years ... but the Ecognomic$$ rat-ionalists in the victorian state government stalled and stalled... and no action was taken.

luomosa said...

Hi sotise, this is fantastic thanks thanks and again thanks!! I have a lot of coxhill but not fleas that I looked for long time
all the best

thoth said...

had not heard of this one and what an interesting lineup. thank you so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

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serviceton said...

Well Anonymous, thanks for leaving the best comment so far on this blog.
"These guys you found recently" are crap. Absolute rubbish. Not even worth the time to wait for their index page to load. Worst in the business.
Use Kaseya like everybody else.
Glad you asked us, as we're obviously the experts in this field.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

serviceton said...

Anonymous, your comment fills me with ennui and lassitude. I think I'll do nothing for the next 7 years

serviceton said...

Re-up is here


If you dont like Mega - too bad. I'm out of patience with 1Fichier timing out over and over..

sotise said...

Another mega mirror