Monday, February 2, 2009

Live at Green Space - Billy Bang & Charles Tyler [Anima LP 2BT-78]

A friend calls this album 'quixotic' . I like the record, but I know what he means.
It's low-key, Tyler plays mouth harp, not saxophone on 2 tunes. Yes, the last track is *that* Alouette (" Alouette, gentille Alouette...")
If you're in the middle of revisiting your Frank Wright collection, or off on a Kaoru Abe kick, then this record is going to sound decidedly 'down-tempo' to put it mildly...
Not for everyone then, but for lovers of Bang's music, and Tyler's at least.
Oh, and lovers of harmonica playing.
On the Hohner, Tyler has better chops than Leroy Jenkins...

1. Alabama African
2. Closer To The Flowers
3. Viobari
4. Legend of The Lawmen
5. Aloutte

Billy Bang - Violin, Mbira, Bells
Charles Tyler - Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Harmonica, Bells
Rec March, 1981


serviceton said...


The 2nd one is really small (only 13MB or so) - it's a short album.

Wallofsound said...

Glad there's a new blog on the scene. Looking forward to other posts as well.

serviceton said...

- And worth adding - Billy Bang's In-Print recordings? BUY 'EM ! The Vietnam recordings (Vietnam: Reflections , and Vietnam:The Aftermath) should be heard {Bang is a US Vietnam veteran, though this is not the reason you should be listening).

Get Rainbow Warrior, Live at Carlos I, or the moving Grand Rapids with Frank Lowe.
Valve No 10, The Fire Within and the entirely solo Commandment are also all HIGHLY recommended by the management here...
The man is alive and playing, and is a great, great improvising musician. Music is not only his life, also his living.
Buy a recording - You Will Not Regret It!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

thank you


Arcturus said...

this one had passed me by, so many thanks! I always enjoyed their collaborations

heard a recent interview where Bang said that one of F Lowe's last wishes was that BB made sure to release the performance on Grand Rapids

unfortunately, the video linked above is no longer available

here's one, though, a 8 min piece w/ Frank Lowe:

glad to see you guys here

unitstructure said...

thanks for sharing this rarity.I liked the harmonica playing alot.AACMish and gives the music a folky,southern,rural feel.Very spontaneous sounding.Just a couple of free jazz guys playing what was on their minds at that moment.thanks again.

hookfinger said...

Thanks for this. looking forward to visiting once in awhile. Glad you are here.

marten512 said...

This is delightful. Thank you.

May I also suggest that people rush out and buy a copy of 'Bang On!'.

serviceton said...

Glad you enjoyed it marten. We hope to have a couple more from the Anima label (BB's own label) still to come here.
Your suggestion is a good one.