Sunday, February 1, 2009

Suave Epiphany


Anonymous said...

Lord of The Rings?

Anonymous said...

Lovely hair and his kaftan look comfy.
But why doesn't he wear sunglasses instead of squinting into the sun?
Even in Paris.
Even in 1969
Or whenever..

Anonymous said...

Welcome to our cyber-spaces gentlemen.

Mmmm, "9 Grey Chairs" ... I wonder what ...

serviceton said...

glmlr, you are most welcome round here.
Subscribe to a feed or check back, as we plan new posts, ... oh, at least annually!

Dr. Puck said...

Good luck on your new blog.

So far, so rare!

LYM said...

@hi ser&sot
I really love this Your new blog...why? Just since it's a low-blog, no atlethics, no posting performance...but one a Year is tooo little to me! :-)
Fine the bearded one to me rightly without sun glasses, They are of secandary importance such as a clock or a car.
Just a slow passion and great curiosity and friendship.
Curiosity, and the Jenkins soul convinced me to download this one.
Go on this way!!!


Good Luck for the trouble with Your burning country.

LYM said...

@only a curiosity. If this is the 9greychair, then why a bench? :-) SEE YOU

waso said...

glad to 'see' you again guys.
- waso

Anonymous said...

This seens to be a capture of the lord for BYG

Mark said...

is it Lol Coxhill?

Anonymous said...

I would fucking kill for a shirt like that